HMR D 120

Following closely on the heels of their debut album Overthought (HMR 108), Subversion fully realizes the sonic concept began on its predecessor.  Blending the sounds of early experiments with a more accessible, and in many ways danceable sound, the album was the result of a much closer collaboration between Louis Cyphier and Jason Norwood, with both members sharing instrumental, vocal and lyric duties.

The album shows a wide range of influences, within the electro-pop foundation for “Not Sorry”, the trippy sound of “Barbwire”, the energy of “Breathe” and “Lose your mind”, all the way to the 4-track tape collage of “R10”, the title being a nod to The Beatles’ track “Revolution 9” from the White Album.

Louis Cyphier and Jason Norwood:  synthesizers, electronics, vocals

Recorded and produced at h.w.1840, Louis Cyphier’s home studio and the cloud by Cyphier

Cover collage by Jason Norwood