HMR 108

Overthought is the debut release from Cyphier, a collaboration between Louis Cyphier and Jason Norwood.  What began as a “proof of concept” of sessions setting the poetry of Louis Cyphier to music quickly became a concept album with a strong anti-suicide message, centered around a character known as the Man in the Room.  The first half of the album shows his frustrations with the world around him, while the second half of the album shows him devolving into dreams, and ultimately his death.

The album was recorded largely at the h.w.1840 studio, with Louis Cyphier recording his poetry on a cell phone, and developed together at the studio.  This unusual recording style leads to a certain roughness that recalls early cassette releases in industrial music.  Overthought tells its story in a relatively short 36 minutes, and foreshadows what is to come from the Cyphier project.

Louis Cyphier:  vocals

Jason M Norwood:  electronics, synthesizers, vocals

Recorded at the h.w.1840 and various locations around London

Mixed and mastered at the h.w.1840 by Jason Norwood

Art direction and photography by Jason Norwood