What we mean when we say “Make Music Dangerous Again”

Oops I did it again…

Oh well–it’s been a week since our first single on Electric Bat Records was released, and what a week it’s been.

Let’s start on May 2, we had the opportunity to play a show with some truly awesome musicians, one who I can honestly say without him there would probably be no Cyphier…the great Daniel Myer.  I could fan boy on about Daniel, but I won’t…..

During the set we decided to play “Punch a Nazi”.  For those who have not heard the single please go give a listen here…https://cyphier-ebr.bandcamp.com/.

I’ll wait–coffee is brewing anyhow…

During the live performance, we look out at the crowd and gauge the response to Punch a Nazi, which usually amounts to folks already starting to chant along with the chorus.  It’s catchy, and hey–who doesn’t love a good yell along!  On this particular night I noticed a group of people sitting along the wall. There were 5 people and a person of color, who incidentally was one of the people I noticed early on singing along.  I made comment to the ONLY 5 people in the bar not shouting punch a Nazi within my eyesight, and made an off handed comment, “Apparently we have those who love Nazi’s with us…” This statement blends in with the offhanded humor we mix cheap nike jerseys into our otherwise serious show, and if someone was offended well I haven’t apologized for offending anyone yet. Later in the show noticed the same 5 people texting.  If you’ve listened to Subversion, you will realize that one of the major themes on the album is unplugging from technology and going outside to “smell a god damn rose.”  I found the text incredibly funny since it literally lived up to the message of that album, so I pointed out to our photographer to snap a picture of that shit, I believe were my exact words, because it’s funny.  And I moved on.

The next morning I was unpleasantly-yet-pleasantly surprised to find that the story had been twisted on Twitter, to read “Golf clap for @cyphier_virus for not only calling a POC a Nazi but then encouraging the crowd to take his picture”.  The irony is again, we resort to our “God made out of wires” to spread faithless data all over the place, and deceive those not in attendance.   It further proves a large amount of our point.  The hilarity was the only person in that row I was not directing my comment to was the “POC” who came up to us and actually had nothing but positives to say about the song and asked where he could get a copy.

Fast forward a few days to the release of the EP, which of course starts a chain of private comments from some very savory characters, one who graciously informed me I was a “Jew-Lover” for the song, which I promptly thanked him for and pointed out that while distantly my children were in fact part Jewish and laughed my way to rehearsal.

Now for this next part you have to realize 3 things 1) I love a good political debate; 2) Even when Jay does it for me; 3) We can see where you live when you stream our music.

Two separate discussions started, one trying to say first that we should punch ourselves, well now that would be silly…why punch when there are so many more entertaining things to do with one’s self, and secondly that we shouldn’t have done the song because someone had done another song by the same name on youtube.com.

Well what a shock to us that a political buzzword was used in a political satire song on YouTube, I don’t think however the messages are the same and well the songs are quite different.  Not to mention the philosophic behind why they are written!

Finally and most entertainingly is that the song was shared into an Alt-Right twitter feed, linked to Richard Spencer (who is sampled in the song, I hope he likes it) and an effort has been made to ban us from Twitter.  Neither of these folks had actually listened to the song–the simple title was enough to set them off.

This, my friends, thaws a little of my cold black dead heart, because this is the very essence of what it means to “make music dangerous” again.  If a tongue in cheek track against fascism scares people enough to want to ban us from being able to share it, they are scared.  And my dear Sick Motherfuckers, fear is a very powerful tool.  Frightened people make mistakes, and mistakes are dangerous.  If our little song can anger people to this level maybe just maybe it might inspire the true message of it, and we can finally stamp out fascism.  We can live in a world, where hatred has a function and not an irrationality.

Forever Waiting,

Louis Cyphier