Think for yourself….

Since we spray painted that on the back of shirts, we’ve been told how amazing that message is. And it’s something I hold dear to my heart…but now it’s coming under attack by people who don’t even realize they are doing it. People who a few months ago were praising us for using it.

If you find yourself doing the following things, you might be an enemy of free thought and need to check yourself:

  1. Immediately becoming agitated and needing to condemn someone if their opinion or thoughts are different from yours.
  2. Use terms that are derogatory to describe the sum total of a person rather than actually talking to them and trying to understand their point of view, even though you might disagree with it.
  3. End conversations with “This is just too upsetting, and your wrong” every time someone puts your belief structure on trial. You see, free thought means backing your thoughts up as well.
  4. Allow everything you believe to be manipulated by a media that is so grotesquely biased in one way or the other–actually believing there is no bias in your media source.
  5. Believe that anyone that doesn’t agree with your school of thought is the only school of thought out there, and you will degrade assault and read into every statement anyone makes and attack.
  6. Use hate and anger to communicate with people instead of wisdom and a desire to understand.
  7. Think this statement is bullshit, “My opinion might be incorrect but it’s formed out of the information I have found, if you can share new information that might sway me, then let’s talk”
  8. Think you know everything.
  9. You refuse to do the research and learn and understand, you stopped processing new information because you found the reality that works for you, and nothing can ever change in that paradigm.
  10. You forsake temperance for violence and condone its use as a first resort.

Finally and last and certainly not least…

You read the above statements and thought, “wow that’s racist, sexist or anything else” or in support of some historical, media or social event. Because it’s not it is simply what I see from my perspective.  If I’m wrong, then by all means, feel free to drop me a message.  I’ll happily discuss things in a professional and level headed manner.

If you are an enemy of free thinking and want to beat people down for seeking their own path to free thought…door’s to the left….enjoy the cheesy poofs on your way out.