A message from Cyphier regarding the U.S. election

As a politically driven band, we watched the recent U.S. election with great interest.  Mike spent many years living in America, and I have several friends who live there.  We were incredibly shocked when Donald Trump won so decisively—as much as everyone else in the U.S. and abroad.

Fear and hate dominated the entire campaign on both sides, whipped up into a frenzy.  These elements have been present for many years, but never exposed and normalized as blatantly as in this election cycle.  Many took Trump’s words as justification for racism, misogyny and ignorance—if a Presidential nominee says these things, then they must be okay.  This is a precedent more dangerous than Donald Trump as an individual—it paves the way for others, like him or more extreme, to be taken seriously as a potential “leader of the free world”.

Already there are anti-Trump protests happening—calls for unity are falling on deaf ears.  The intrinsic hate that guided most of the Republican election campaign is, surprisingly, being mirrored by Democrats—hate being met with hate, racism being met with racism.  Blatantly, publically, unapologetically.  This is the virus that has become an epidemic in America….and the insults continue to fly, minorities are fearful for their safety, the protests have already begun….

Cyphier’s beliefs center around intelligent discourse and debate.  How can we accomplish anything at all if we give up talking to each other for generalized statements, mudslinging and offensive posturing?  What is gained by using the thing you’re fighting against as a weapon of your own?

Discrimination of anyone for their beliefs, whether religious, political or personal, is unacceptable to us.  The message we try to send is one of human understanding and equality.  If anything about this election cycle saddens us, it’s that hate appears to be on its way to becoming the rule rather than the exception in American life.  This problem can only be solved once we stop living in fear of other religions and ideologies, open our minds, and discuss.

You can’t fight hate with a gun of hate.  You also can’t change a system by hurling insults and refusing to talk about solving the problems.

“Why don’t you write love songs?  What is it that we sing, then?  Our love of life is total, everything we sing is an expression of that—everything we write is a love song.”  — Crass, “Yes Sir, I Will”