Go 4 it, Corey Feldman….

corey-feldman-40a09a10-3933-4168-8af3-ebb0ebb1c843If you live under a rock and haven’t seen the performance Corey Feldman put on the Today show, or witnessed the interwebs backlash, well you’re missing out.  Why you ask?  Because, the song and the performance were inspired and interesting, not weird and freaky as so many want to call them.

I’ll give you a moment to catch up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gyWV-bL9-oc

Let’s start with the track, Go 4 IT. While completely and utterly unoriginal in a song title, the song itself was a refreshing twist on your traditional dance song, blending elements of different musical styling, and using some interesting vocal work as Feldman delivered the lyrics with passion and conviction.  That’s what being a front man is about, so many people singing dead music these days with non-sense lyrics, the message is relatively positive and uplifting so another bonus in the song writing here.   Sure, it’s not my usual groove, but I liked it.

Now the stage performance.  Let’s start with the costuming.  People are ragging on the angel get-ups and the lynk-esque hoodie….let’s not forget Left Shark–the song had nothing to do with the stage performance, but we all loved the enthusiasm of Left Shark.  Let me touch on this for a moment, when you design or write a stage performance, you’re out to tell a story, and in this case I think Feldman did that with some degree of (albeit) campy skill, in reading and looking into the album’s concept design Feldman wanted the album to have a good vs. evil feel.  What better to tell that story then angels and a depicted satan-esque character?  Ok there are lots of ways to tell that, but who are we to tell the artist what to do?

The choreography was a little odd, but hey–so was Michael Jackson’s moonwalk when he started doing it, or Axl Rose’s hip swing…or dare I say it Elvis Presley’s signature pelvis thrust.  Twerking, anyone?

The reality is the performance, although not my cup of tea or as Austin Powers would say, “Not my bag baby”, was entertaining well thought out and most importantly done the way Feldmen wanted it to be done.

Now to you web super hero’s out there who like to criticize and ridicule Corey for this performance, let’s look at a few things here.  The guy is chasing his dreams and not poorly.  The sound, the song, and the performance did exactly what Corey wanted them to do on the stage.  The reaction from the web wannabes wasn’t close to what he wanted, but guess what–people are watching the performance and surprisingly people are liking it, yes they are hating it too, but that’s the beauty of music–you don’t have to like all of it.

I hear it all the time shaming someone for this or that or whatever is wrong, so why is it okay to ridicule someone for chasing their dreams?  From my perspective Mr. Feldman, keep on doing what you’re doing, and Go 4 It–you’re doing a fine job, sir, and can share a stage with us anytime!

Forever waiting,

Louis Cyphier